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Red Carpet Reviews

@mayaaray"Cambodian Ocean Wave, Wet and Wild or Sexy Sleek. Thank you Limelight Extensions."

@ucancallmemrsboss"In love with my hair it has such movement! I have two bundles of Cambodian Loose Wave 16”."

@therealricka"Cambodian Straight 16” 18” and 20” holds wand curls very well."

@drogaaa_ - "Okay, so my journey with my Limelight Extensions has unfortuantly come to an end. I ordered Cambodian Loose Wave 16” 18” and 20”. I’ve had this hair since April 12th and it’s the ABSOLUTE BEST HAIR IVE EVER HAD. From natural state, wand curls, straightened, to colored. The hair straightens like no other ( and I mean BONE STRAIGHT). This hair never tangles. This hair was well worth it and its amazing quality."

@Icyunvme079"Shout out to Limelight Extensions. I’m rocking two 22” and one 24” Peruvian Straight and I love it."

@front_paije – "added some Diamond Life Loose Wave into my hair to enhance fullness and length. I custom colored the hair and it remained soft and silky!"

“Okay now where do I start…I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS HAIR!!! It feels so nice, it straightens the bomb! Curls beautifully! And it looks just like my hair!!! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my hair since I’ve had it in and it’s been since February!! I’ve washed this hair I don’t know how many times and each time it just goes back to it’s perfect self!! I love being a walking model and spokesperson for my best friend’s hair line!! I would never buy anyone else’s hair ever again!! I’m in love!! I can’t keep my fingers out of it!! Thank you for giving me a chance to experience good hair!!! I may never take this out!!!”

Sham H., Dayton, Ohio

“Limelight hair is great because there is little to no shedding and it matches my hair color and texture perfectly, also it doesn’t tangle and never loses it natural shine /texture per install or heat usage.”

Bianca B., Farmington Hills, MI

“I loved my extensions they lasted for so long I also bought Brazilian hair previously and my limelight extensions were just a much better grade of hair I wouldn’t buy hair from anyone else from now on!”

Paris B., Detroit, MI

This hair is my by far the best hair i’ve ever had! It doesn’t shed, its very soft, looks natural, and it last long! I get lots of compliments on how natural it looks!!”

Shayla G., Detroit, MI

“I love my limelight extensions hair! It is the best hair I have experienced. This hair is fine quality hair that last for months and doesn’t thin out. It’s great with coloring and doesn’t fade. I can honestly say that this hair is top of the line hair! “

Shardae P., Southfield, MI

”I absolutely love this hair, No shedding And after I washed it a few times it was still amazing . Hands-down its the best”

Fallon, Southfield, MI

”I love my Limelights, I’ve had it in for almost 2 months now and still no shedding, it’s full, bouncy and soft considering its been bleach twice and dyed twice and rinsed every time it’s been washed which is once a week! I absolutely love the hair.”

Georgiana, Sterling Heights, MI

“I love it’s longevity, shedding is at a minimum and it’s also very light!”

Brittany M., West Bloomfield, MI

”I absolutely love my Peruvian virgin hair .its easy to maintain and it doesn’t shed at all. It’s easy to style as well !!!”

Javell C., Detroit, MI

“I like that the hair has kept its curl after multiple bleachings/colorings and that I’ve seen very little shedding since I’ve had it in.”

Althea Y., Cleveland, OH

“This hair is the most beautiful hair I have ever touched or had on my head. I’m rocking with Limelight for life.”

Lisa D., Chicago, IL

“I’d been looking for the best grade of hair. And found that this Grade A far exceeds ANYTHING else on the market today.”

Keisha L., Los Angeles, CA

“This Diamond Life Hair makes me feel like I’m living that life. LOVE IT. And my friends can’t stop touching it or asking me where I bought it.”

Trina M., Harlem, U.S.A.

My daughter and I have heard so many great things about Limelight Extensions that we decided to drive to Michigan to check them out.

We walked in to a beautiful clean salon with a bunch of friendly people working there.  We both got our nails done by the nail tech on staff, purchased beautiful hair that Ashley customed colored  and a sewed it in.  I will be back!

Mary B., Toledo, OH

I bought 3 bundles of hair from Limelight when they first opened almost 3 years ago and I am still rocking it now.  I've add a bundle after 3 times sewing it in but thats it.  Love this hair!

Marla G., Brooklyn, NY